10 Outlet Shopping tips

Outlet shopping can be all in the timing, you can either find everything or nothing and there is usually no middle ground. Recently I went to an outlet and was pleasantly surprised, finding a few hidden gems. So I thought I would take some time to share my strategy.

  1. Get in early – you want to be fresh, ready and to beat the crowds. If possible view the outlet web site to know what shops and brands are available.
  2. Know what you are after – aside from a bargain $$. What gaps do you need to fill in your wardrobe or are there things that need replacing.
  3. Don’t spend your hard earned money just because things are on sale
  4. Dress appropriately – comfortable shoes and an outfit that is easy to slip in and out of when trying on clothes.
  5. If it doesn’t fit DON’T buy it, saying you’re going to loose 5 kilo’s to justify your purchase is silly.
  6. Be price smart – that is know what the item might sell for normally.
  7. Invest in wardrobe basics, these never go out of fashion.
  8. If you’re not 100% sure, don’t buy it!
  9. Think about what you have at home to wear with your potential bargain.
  10. Don’t be disappointed if you return home with nothing – it’s okay!

With these tips in mind you’re sure to have a successful outlet shopping trip. Good Luck!!

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