Decoding Dress Codes

Who doesn’t love a good wedding? The ceremony, speeches, dancing and dinner…..but the invitation says

Dress Cocktail

Ah help! What does that mean? I hear you scream.
I’ve done some research to help you un-code dress code dilemmas. It is important to keep in mind that when you are invited to an event there has usually been a lot of time and energy invested by the host or hosts, so it is only polite to dress respectfully.

Black Tie
Men – A tuxedo, white dinner shirt with a black bow tie, adding cufflinks and button studs adds an extra bit of polish to the look. Don’t underestimate the importance of polished shoes either gents especially if they are a well loved pair of shoes.
Women – A full or ankle length gown in luxurious fabric with a small hand clutch, best jewellery and heels.

Men – Black suit with a crisp white shirt and necktie.
Women – Knee-length dress with either some embellishment or a strapless option if the weather allows. Add some bold or statement jewellery, a clutch and heels to complete the look.

Lounge suit
Men - Dark coloured suit in navy, blue, or grey. Add a vest for a different look. Combine this with a suitable shirt and necktie combination.
Women – Chic and simplistic knee length dress.  Add some simple jewellery or a statement piece for some fun, clutch and heels.

Smart Casual
Men – A blazer or jacket with trousers or chinos, collared shirt in pale colours, stripes or gingham no tie required. I’d be inclined to say no jeans however there are some very smart darkly colored jeans available for men – confirm with host here.
Women – Separates such as a blouse and pencil skirt or trousers, silk jumpsuit, heels, small shoulder bag.

Remember this is a guide and can be open to interpretation but if in doubt ask the host or hosts what they expect. Otherwise call in the team from B styles U!

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