Deluxe Makeover

Deluxe Makeover

Enjoy a wardrobe makeover and get clear on your personal style with this fun, relaxing fashion experience.

First, I’ll get to know your style and help you revamp your existing clothes with a wardrobe detox. Once we’ve worked out what’s already in your closet (and have cleared out pieces you no longer need), we’ll head to the shops. I’ll greet you with your favourite drink, before helping you find new items that express your personality and style, while factoring in your existing wardrobe and lifestyle.

  1. Wardrobe Detox – 1.5 hours
  2. We’ll meet at your place and have fun going through your wardrobe, creating new outfits out of existing clothes, reworking pieces you’re not sure how to wear, and making decisions about those old pieces that no longer suit your lifestyle. I’ll give you style notes and take photographs of your new outfits, so you can easily recreate them later on.


  3. Shopping Trip – 1.5 hours
  4. Once we’ve got your wardrobe sorted, you’ll be ready to enhance your clothing collection. I’ll treat you to your favourite beverage, then guide you through the shopping process. I can save you time and footwork, using my styling experience and brand knowledge to find pieces that complement your existing items, suit your body and personality, and work for your lifestyle (as well as your budget).

If possible, it’s best to book your wardrobe detox and shopping trip for different days. This gives me time to think more about your wardrobe and research what’s in the stores before we go shopping.

Price: $320

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