After working with Belinda, my friends complimented me on my outfit combination on a recent girls’ night out.

Sally, XX,

Belinda from B styles U spent two hours with me at my home, giving me a full wardrobe detox. We had a lot of fun together, laughed, and made some style discoveries. I learnt a lot about myself and my purchasing habits that day.

Thanks to Belinda’s advice, I now feel comfortable within my own style. By the time she left my home, I had renewed passion and excitement about my clothes and great new combinations to wear in all areas of my life.

Renae, XX,

I arranged a wardrobe detox with Belinda because I knew I was holding on to clothes I needed to let go of and I was bored with my outfits. It was so much fun going through the clothes – I had to giggle about still owning seven denim skirts of varying styles, none of which I had actually worn in years.

I do like most of my clothes and I know my style and what's right for my body. But I loved having someone else put items together in ways I had never thought of, especially when it came to colours. Sometimes I matched too much! I'm now more adventurous when I shop and I make bolder choices. I feel more youthful and in no danger of losing my sense of style just because I'm 40-something.

Rachel, XX,